“In failing in its duty to David Hicks, the Government has failed all Australians and shaken the foundations of Australian law. Ultimately, the Hicks case is not just about Hicks, it is about the rule of law. If the Government can recklessly abandon the law in the case of one Australian, it can much more easily abandon the law and its duty to other Australians.” Abandoning principle of law endangers us all
Someone asked why I’d still vote in Australian elections when I haven’t lived there in so long. I guess it had never occurred to me that I wouldn’t have an interest in Australian politics. Even though I’ve left, I’ll probably return some day. And as I said, somewhat rantily, “I hate Howard with a passion, and I hate what he’s done to Australia and I want him out so the country has some chance of claiming back ‘mateship’ and ‘a fair go’ and everything else he’s co-opted into his slimy xenophobic misogynistic homo-panicked puniverse.
And on a personal level I want a leader who doesn’t hate gay people.”