Interesting. I’ve always wondered how much research celebs do before joining a campaign. Naomi Campbell obviously didn’t mind fur all that much, and in the UK Jade Goody has apparently been dropped by an anti-bullying campaign… for bullying another contestant on Celebrity Big Brother.
Incidentally, if no-one watches ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother, will they cease to exist?
“US pop singer Pink has backed down from her call to boycott Australian wool over animal cruelty claims, admitting she failed to fully research the issue.

But today, Pink admitted she was misinformed about the issue and had failed to do enough research.
“I probably could have done a lot more research on my own,” she told the Nine Network.
“That’s the lesson I’m taking from this.
“My message was, in my mind, boycott animal cruelty – not an entire industry, not Australia, obviously, because it’s my favourite country.
“Then going back, I was speaking without thinking and I actually did say ban Australia, which is bullshit. It’s not something that I can agree with.”” Age