I said I needed to write about what I wanted to do this year. A lot of it seems to be related to work. Am I suddenly ambitious? Or am I galvanised by the knowledge that in a year I might not be tied to a work permit and I could work anywhere in the UK? Or am I just a sucker for a challenge?
2006 was a good year because I went on some really interesting trips and worked hard on some really cool projects and I gave a conference and a seminar paper like some kind of grown-up person.
When I look back on 2007 I want to be able to say that I:

  • maintained a professional blog (not this one! Google my real name and you’ll find it)
  • wrote and presented two or more conference or seminar papers and/or articles for publication
  • applied for and got indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  • spent quality time with loved ones (friends, family, whatever)
  • went on a few interesting holidays
  • went surfing at least once
  • started learning a language properly
  • consolidated my professional skills
  • used some of my leave/flexitime to work on my own projects and catch up on stuff I never get around to doing instead of going on another trip
  • got my concentration span back
  • seriously investigated my options for doing a Masters or PhD
  • finally stopped hitting ‘F5’ on forums instead of getting on with things!

So it was good timing to get this email:
“If you want to study in the UK at the September 2007 intake you will need to submit your application by Friday 29 June 2007.
Apply now for your best chance of getting into the course you want or securing a scholarship.”
Please excuse the introspective post but I figure if I make it public I have to do it.
Oh, and the sun’s out so London doesn’t seem that bad.