I can’t remember how I ended up there but I’ve just read You Don’t Belong. Margaret Cho took a transgendered friend she describes as ‘female bodied but masculine’ to a fund-raiser, and when they went to the toilet they were hassled by other women there. I guess it’s timely because I’ve just been reading Stone Butch Blues but as heart-breaking as that is, you’d hope that the world had moved on since then.
I thought this point was really interesting: “If it was really a man in there, I doubt they would have caused such a commotion, but since Ian was female bodied, these women felt they could punish, to lash out, because it was one of their own. They had somehow given themselves this permission to gang up, to shame, to rudely question, to unfairly and unduly punish. And for what? For the crime of being true to one’s self? For not adhering to the strict rules of gender?”
His account is in a second blog post, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now.