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  1. Craig says:

    Typical bureacracy!
    While there’s still money to be had in allowing industry to waste water. Transurban being the case in point as they use obscene amounts of water on a daily basis to maintain their undercity toll roads, it’s ok to allow the gardens to die?
    You and I are both from Melbourne so we’re allowed to rant on this particular subject.
    The entire globe has gone mad, I’ve been looking at a global satellite imagery lately and the amount of clearing is so blatantly obvious across the entire planet. Green is simply not a colour that’s in abundance, no wonder water is becoming a precious commodity. We’re destroying ourselves, and for what appears for greed.
    Industry and Governments need to be found accountable and change their practices immediately, although I think it may already be too late in some cases, as is evident in the current climactic changes globally.
    Sad state of affairs!
    You go Mia! I had my lights off on the 4th! I hope everyone else who read your blog did as well.
    Every little bit helps!

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