I love phpMyAdmin’s Bookmarked SQL queries.
I found this snippet of sql that closes comments on blog posts that are more than 14 days old somewhere, but couldn’t remember where. Luckily, I’d stored it as a bookmark on the SQL tab of the table interface.
And for reference, the code is below. Change the interval to suit.
UPDATE mt_entry SET entry_allow_comments = 2, entry_allow_pings = 0 WHERE entry_created_on < date_add(curdate(), interval -14 day)

Why yes, I *am* a grumpy old woman. Though I can’t see how you could enforce it, given how scared Londoners are of talking to each other.
“A commuter has started a petition calling for a ban on playing music on mobile phones on London buses.
Tom Wright said he is fed up with being forced to listen to other people’s music on public transport.” BBC

PostgreSQL vs. SQL Server, Oracle
I’d like to see a comparison with MySQL on similar terms, but that’s possibly only because PostgreSQL admins tend to be more beardy and grumpy than any others. More rationally, I suppose MySQL tends to be a little more accessible and has become a de facto standard as part of LAMP applications.
It’s a shame they don’t expand on ‘somewhat more limited’ stored procedures, because they can be such an important DBA/developer tool, particularly in a multi-tier environment.
And while Microsoft have some good tools, they also have lots that suck. And Oracle’s tools are ok but are supplemented by free or cheap third-party tools.

About time, too: “The train network in London is to adopt the Underground’s zone layout to simplify the fare structure.
The move will pave the way for Oyster smart cards to be rolled out across the railway system from January.” BBC
But on the other hand, poor old London: “Al-Qaeda has become more organised and sophisticated and has made Britain its top target, counter-terrorism officials have told the BBC.” BBC

“The birds and the bees may be gay, according to the world’s first museum exhibition about homosexuality among animals.

“Homosexuality has been observed for more than 1,500 animal species, and is well documented for 500 of them.”” Reuters

“Advertisers love skinny models, but women see real body shapes as healthier, more credible and smarter, say researchers

New research has found that instead of being admired by women, excessively slender models are regarded as less ethical, knowledgeable and truthful than their larger peers” Observer

Cute story, if you like kids and stuff like that: “Albert Park Primary is one of more than 30 schools encouraging students to travel using some form of sustainable transport instead of the family car.” Age