Craig has inspired me to go into a little more detail instead of just posting links. So…
It’s hard to believe my parents only arrived on Thursday.
I ditched them for the night to go to Foo and Miss Jo’s birthday party on Saturday, which was just brilliant. Then I went on to Ghetto, still wearing my ’50s college girl led astray’-inspired outfit, breakfast at Balans.
Took the parentals to Stokefest on Sunday, then sent them home while I dropped in on the afterparty at Foo’s, then All Time Top 100.
Today I am trying not to be nervous before I head out to give a paper at a seminar before a project launch tonight. Eek.
I’d tell you what I did Friday night but only my phone knows these kinds of things and I’ve mislaid it.

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  1. Craig says:

    Of all the things I thought I’d be when I grew up, Muse was never one of them… LOL
    But, YAY!
    50’s college girl led astray? This I want pictures of 🙂

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