We’re in Brasov, Transylvania

Min and I arrived in Brasov yesterday. The name of this place lends itself to bad puns – bras off, brush off (the two may be related), apparently the town also has something to do with Dracula. However the locals appear not to appreciate bad Sesame Street Count-style laughing.
We managed to get Moldovan visas (transit, but we might have been able to get tourist visas too) and today we bought train tickets from Bucharest to Chisinau, so we’re actually going there! We’ll travel overnight on the 15th and be in Odessa, Ukraine, by the 17th, so it’ll be a really quick visit to Moldova/Transdniestr.
There’s not much on the internet about the visas, so if you’re looking for information on Moldovan visas in Bucharest, Romania, you can get one in a day at the Moldovan Consulate, 8 B-dul Eroilor (very near the corner of B-dul Eroilor and B-dul Mihail Kogalniceanu (Kogaliniceanu?), take the metro to Eroilor or bus 123 from Gara de Nord. There’s a pub on the corner where you can celebrate when you get your visa.
You’ll need a photocopy of your passport to show the bank when you pay for the visa, or they’ll yell at you. They might yell at you anyway, they seem to like doing it.