Sudak, and it’s hot

Getting out of Transdniestr was a whole other story, but we arrived in Odessa safely.
We had a night that could probably only be described as ‘if Carlsberg made hostels’ – we were greeted by a stunning Ukrainian woman all dressed up in a very short skirt and vest top, who showed us around and explained that the hostel was having a party, with free beer and champagne, and that it was her birthday. Lots of her gorgeous friends came over, also all dressed up in very short skirts and one in an amazing pair of hotpants.
We had a beer, admired the locals, then went out for dinner at a lovely Lesbianese restaurant down the road, where we could watch more locals promenading in their Thursday night best. Back to the hostel where the drinks were still flowing and the party games in full swing.
It’s a tough life, but someone has to live it.
Overnight train from Odessa to Simferopol last night (first class, cos we’re classy), mini-bus to Sudak (ok, mini-bus is not so classy). Our hotel is amusing, but we’re really here for the fort. We’re hiding from the heat for another hour then heading up to explore.