Not on plane

Just in case you’ve seen something about a plane crash in Ukraine on the news, we weren’t on it. We are flying to Kiev tomorrow, where I’ll be overnight, while Min flies onto Lviv.
Had an interesting dinner here in Simferopol last night, the idiotic waitress not only tried to give us meat dishes, she tried to charge us lots of extra hrivna for all kinds of random things. Min has a written thing explaining in Ukrainian what we don’t eat, and I explained as best I could in Russian, we don’t know if the waitress was just terminally stupid or just greedy and mean. So avoid the restaurant Ulf-Topor in Simferopol, especially if you’re vegetarian. We’re going to write to them and complain, but also to explain why vegetarians don’t like being served meat dishes.

One thought on “Not on plane

  1. Awkward Hussy says:

    I thought of you when I heard the news of the plane crash. Obviously I’m pleased to hear you’re well. Now I can go back to hating you for doing all this ace travelling.

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