Lviv to Krakow, tomorrow

My trip is nearly at an end. I leave Lviv for Krakow tomorrow morning, assuming I can get anyone to sell me a ticket. I tried at both the ticket office and the train station, but no-one will sell me a ticket (except for first class) until this evening. I have no idea why, I’m sure Min was able to get a ticket two days in advance. Hopefully the train won’t be sold out by the time I get there. Otherwise I’ll catch the bus, which doesn’t sound anything like as comfortable, but would actually be faster. It sounds like lots of people try to smuggle cheaper goods in Poland from Ukraine so hassles and delays at the border are common.
Yesterday I climbed to the ‘High Castle’ for a view over Lviv, today I’ve seen some museums. I’ve also been going to coffee houses, as Lviv is famous for them, and I never need an excuse to drink coffee.
Back in London September 3, in case you’re wondering. I may have already said that, I have a goldfish memory.