Leaving site

I leave site tomorrow. I’m hot, dusty, covered in bites (mostly mosquito), tired, and I’m looking forward to a room by myself and food that doesn’t have to serve 100 people, but I’m still really sad to be leaving tomorrow.
I should be in Istanbul by Saturday morning, then on Sunday night I head to Bucharest, passing through Bulgaria. I hope I actually end up in Bucharest, the agency I booked the ticket through seem a little vague about exactly when and where the train goes after Bulgaria. I’ve always wanted to go to Serbia but not on this trip.
It’s been really busy, too much to do as always, but the work is such a brilliant challenge that I’ll miss it when I’m gone. I’ll be working on things after the season finishes but it’s never quite the same.
It’s been quite hot, 40C on the mound. Have taken some photo and video but no idea when I’ll get to put them online.