“Internet firms have been criticised by UK MPs for “collaborating” with state censorship of the web in China.
Businesses such as Microsoft, Google and Yahoo blocking some information was “morally unacceptable”, the Commons foreign affairs committee said.” BBC
Having seen that even in Ukraine some cafes seem to block gay or lesbian content, it’s clear that internet censorship is still an important issue that has a real effect on the lives of a country’s citizens.
In other news, while looking for an internet cafe, I managed to stumble across one of the very few gay bars or clubs in Kiev. Woo!
(And in other news, Stary Kiev, listed as a ‘gay cafe’, has closed).
Tomorrow is Ukraine Indepedence Day (Den Nezalezhnosti), so it’s a great day to be in Kiev. IYP says, “to give you an idea of what Independence Day on the streets of Kyiv is like, imagine a cross between a huge outdoor rock concert and civil unrest.”
Train to Kamynets-Podilsky tomorrow night.