One for my special New Zealand friends: “New Zealand is not for sale, despite somebody in Australia trying to offload our neighbour – a nation of 4million – to the highest bidder on eBay. From a one-cent start, 22 brisk bidders took the price to $A3000 before the “sale” was pulled from the website.”
I’m having trouble believing this one but I’ll blog it for my friends from Leeds (or who went to uni in Leeds): “A man, 34, wanted for serious assault, escaped on a horse- drawn rag-and-bone cart and eluded four police motorbikes, a patrol car, a video van, two cycling constables and a helicopter in a bizarre low-speed chase through Leeds, England.”
And while I’m here, this man has wisdom for all of us: “During a civic ceremony to honour him as Britain’s oldest known World War I veteran, Henry Allingham, 109, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, attributed his longevity to “cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women”.” (Odd Spot)