The weather report might say it’s going to be -2C tonight but spring has definitely arrived. The daffodils are well and truly up, and on my walk to work this morning I saw two (male) mallards mating in the canal.
It’s kinda nice noticing the tiny signs that show that spring is on the way in a way that I wouldn’t have in Australia, but I could have done without the cold. I thought it was because I’d gotten used to going somewhere warm in March but it turns out it’s the coldest March in years, and for the first time ever it’s been colder than December, January and February.

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  1. Madge says:

    There’s a really good Dutch word that sums up all the tiny little signs that you’ve been experiencing: lentekriebels.
    Cool, huh? You’ve got lentekriebels. (But it’s ok, you won’t need to see a doctor.)

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