Poor Jordan. I really really want to go there, and information like this Lonely Planet rave doesn’t help:
“Bible stories, lost cities, Lawrence of Arabia – Jordan has romantic associations up to its eyeballs. It’s a country that ought to be awash with tourists, but the Middle East’s bad reputation has kept them away in droves. Don’t be fooled: Jordan is, on the whole, peaceful.
More than that, it’s one of the most welcoming, hospitable countries in the world. Where else could you leave your belongings on the street for hours at a time, and find them there when you get back? Where else do total strangers with nothing to sell invite you into their homes?”
But on the same page:
“Terrorism Warning
The closures of Western embassies in Amman represent high-level warnings to travellers. Unnecessary travel should be postponed until the security situation relaxes. Western intelligence agencies have suggested terrorists may be in the final stages of planning attacks on foreigners. Sixty people were killed and more than one hundred injured by bombs planted in three Amman hotels in 2005. Travellers to Jordan should be informed at all times and avoid visiting areas known to be frequented by Westerners.”