I went to the London Girl Geek dinner last night. I met a variety of people, and there were some interesting speakers – I was particularly interested in the talk on mobile usable interface design.
Not everyone was technical-geeky but in some ways it would be missing the point to have a ‘geekier than thou’ attitude there, and I did meet some wonderfully technical women. And I guess that’s the difference between ‘Girl Geek’ as defined on the page, and the ‘traditional’ ‘geek grrl’.
But generally, even though we might not understand the details of each other’s technical or sector-based specialities, I love that we don’t have to explain basic tech facts to have a conversation, and that we don’t have to deal with the misconceptions (and under-estimations) about women in IT/new media.

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  1. Katy says:

    Mia, it was great meeting you!

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