Spoof signs and Mock Turner prizes from the BBC.
Bratislava was really pretty, especially when covered with snow. The gay bars were full of friendly and cute girls and boys. Saw some impressive dance floor moves – a cross between Solid Gold, liturgical and interpretative dance.
Food was mostly variations on dumplings but they have a range of hot alcoholic drinks that made up for the food and the cold. I avoided the hot punch that featured bacon and lard in favour of grog or fresh apple drinks.
We were diverted to Vienna on the way there because of a snow storm over Bratislava, and had to get a taxi from Austria to Slovakia.
Back-tracking, dinner with a friend on Wednesday night turned into one of those random London nights and we ended up hobnobbing with slebs at the Groucho Club. Mojo’s birthday at Flash Monkey at Cafe de Paris on Thursday was great fun, though I left before the end to go home and pack. Most of the crowd had put a lot of effort into their outfits, and there was a lot of variety. I’ve discovered that I can run for the night bus in a corset, very useful.