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  1. james says:

    I’m an existential thinker, apparently. I should get a job as a philosopher, a religious leader, a Head of state, an artist, or a writer.
    There are so few entry level jobs though.
    “Medium sized Central London organisation needs Junior Religious Leader, must be able to use Microsoft Office and project management skills…”

  2. mez says:

    I am 3 types….
    Spatial Thinkers:
    Tend to think in pictures, and can develop good mental models of the physical world.
    Think well in three dimensions
    Have a flair for working with objects
    Interpersonal thinkers:
    Like to think about other people, and try to understand them
    Recognise differences between individuals and appreciate that different people have different perspectives
    Make an effort to cultivate effective relationships with family, friends and colleagues
    Kinaesthetic thinkers:
    Think in movements.
    Like to use their bodies in skilful and expressive ways
    Have an aptitude for working with your hands(!)

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