“A frog species which had a distinct Norfolk accent, but which became extinct in England in the 1990s is being reintroduced.” BBC
Logic and Christianity aren’t two words you hear together often, but this page on logical fallacies is really good. Oddly enough, I found it by googling “killer wombats”.
I haven’t written about the Big Chill yet, I think cos I had such a mixed experience. The festival was great, though the stall was really hard work and Min and I were robbed while we were asleep in our tent. I had randomly moved my purse from my bag so they didn’t get much from me, but she lost 150 pounds. Punchdrunk and the Arts trail were lots of fun, and it was lovely to see people, though I didn’t get to spend as much time with some people as I would have liked, I got to spend time with other people. Overall the festival was much less about the music than I’d expected it to be.