Is there a Wikipedia entry on ‘British drinking styles’?
“He said British drinking involved “standing up, shouting at each other in crowded bars, trying to consume gallons of beer at a time”.

Many young people only feel they have had a good night out if they have drunk “far too much”” (BBC)

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  1. kingzammo says:

    Witness my remarks some two years ago:
    Unfortunately Blogspot won’t let you link individual entries so you’ll need to scroll down to Friday September 19th 2003.

  2. mia says:

    Actually, it does, just click on ‘#’ for a link straight to a post. But the way blogspot works, it’s better to click on the link above, like this:
    Isn’t it time you blogged again, btw?

  3. ernestito says:

    Yeah, James, you should blog again.
    Hi Mia! (am back from the dead. still homeless though).

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