What a panic – I checked the itinerary the travel agent sent me for my flight to Turkey tomorrow, and the times were different to those discussed! Instead of flying out at 2130 tomorrow night, I’m flying at 10am, with no time to come into the office in the morning. Still, hopefully I’ve got everything now, and can go home and pack, and it’s really my fault for not checking the tickets when I got them.
So, I’ll be here for the next two weeks (ok, not here, but just down the hill):
I’m not particularly looking forward to living in a tent for the next two weeks, but it’ll give me more privacy than sleeping in a tiny dorm with five others and I’ll probably be very glad of that at the end of a long day. If the politics and game-playing aren’t too bad, the whole thing will be quite enjoyable – hard work, but really challenging. I don’t know why archaeologists are so nice but some specialists can be so difficult.
The weather’s looking good – up to mid 30s, and dry, of course. I bought an absolutely fantastic present for myself – a travel pack of Trivial Pursuit. I’m stupidly excited by this, even though it’s basically just a set of question cards and a dice, cos I can take it on lots of holidays, like Eastnor and Wales. Whether I can find people to play me is another question.