I’m back in London, after a long day’s travel on Thursday – 19 and a half hours, from the site to Konya, bus to Antalya, then flight to Stansted. I got texts about more explosions when I was at the airport, but couldn’t get any more news for a while.
It’s very good to be back in London. It’s nice to know for myself that the bombs really haven’t made much difference to life here.
It is a bit weird though. I caught the bus to work this morning because I had a meeting at the museum at 9:30, it felt a bit odd getting on a bus knowing I might not get off. I’ve always joked about finding a nice photo in case I die in a news worthy incident, strange to think it might happen.
It’s not going to stop me using buses or the Tube, but I am more aware of my fellow passengers. I’m sure I probably looked a bit suspicious on Thursday night, catching a bus from Moorgate to Stoke Newington with a tent and a backpack. People seem pretty normal – no-one looks jumpy or nervous, and they probably look less closed than Londoners tend to.
The weather, of course, is typical London – grey skies. It’s quite warm but feels cold after Turkey.