The wonder of the internet… a site with photos and sound files from Australia, You’re Standing in it (via As kids, we only understood it at the broadest level, so it’s interesting to look back on it. I’d forgotten about the Dodgy Brothers, and Chunky Custard. Amazing!
There’s an interesting commentary on the site: “…in Australia in 1983 one couldn’t sit in a bus, stand in a queue, or visit a student union without overhearing at least one Tim or one Debbie. Their manner had become the house style of young trendies and the survivors of the counter-culture: a mature target ready for plucking. So when Tim and Debbie landed on our television screens in 1983, their real counterparts seemed to vanish overnight, demonstrating that the fate of all truly effective satire is to render itself obsolete.
If Tim and Debbie’s original targets are extinct, there may be fresh ones in sight, for cable TV and the Internet are breeding their own kinds of Tims and Debbies in the form of terminal media junkies.”