I’ve come up with a new, better version of the iPod, for a friend at work who accidentally showered with his at the gym.
Take a matchbox, cover it in white paper, draw on a dial. Carefully cut a small round hole in the top, insert headphone jack. Take a bumblebee, place gently in matchbox.
Voila! Music all day long. For variety, give the bee a kazoo, or exchange it for a blow fly. If you’re in a retro mood, why not try some Ant Music?

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  1. me says:

    accidentally showered with his ipod in? i know you hang out with ‘tards, mia, but that’s a pretty spectacular achievement.

  2. mia says:

    To be fair, he was showering in board shorts before going into the sauna, but yes, he is pretty vague. Great value though so don’t be too mean to him!

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