I’m in love with Moscow already. Sergey met me at the station this morning, and took me to breakfast, then I got a tour of the city on the way to my hotel. Hotel Rossiya is right next to St Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square and the Kremlin, with Kitai Gorod and the river on two of the other sides.
I’ve had a yummy three course vegie lunch for a bargain 150 roubles (three quid) and I’m about to go to the Tretyakov Gallery.
I never knew Moscow had so many beautiful Art Deco/Moderne buildings as well as older Russian, Soviet and Constructivist buildings. Sergey is great at pointing out all the different styles of architecture – I think I needed two heads to try and take in all the different sites this morning.

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  1. mez says:

    Know what you mean…Sergey is a very good architectural guide and good at objectively pointing out the differences bw Moscow and St Petersburg. In the end I made up my mind that Moscow had a bit more soul….wish i was there! Although pretty good here right here in the Central America

  2. j dodd esq says:

    have you been to club chance yet?

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