The things we do when we’re avoiding work.
I was doing an online survey, and one of the questions asked what your dream holiday would be like. I discovered that I’d prefer somewhere warm, with low humidity, good food, lots of museums, galleries, historic sites and interesting culture, friendly local nightlife, ideally somewhere cheap and less than eight hours flight from home.
Elsewhere, I saw “what kind of funeral do you want?”. I hadn’t really thought about it, but in the interests of procrastination, I did today.
I want a full choir singing Mozart’s Requiem. I want a memorial service in a national park on a sunny day. I want people to wear what they like, and to bring their toddlers and their dogs, who’ll run around making noise at the most solemn moments.
I want to be cremated, and I want my ashes to be scattered from the top of the cliff on the point at Merricks Beach, where some of them will blow into the sea, some onto the beach, and some into the bushland.
I want a cardboard coffin, and I’d rather people gave flowers to each other, or gave money to charity.
I want a big party afterwards, food and drinks bill on me.
Now I have the Ramones ‘I wanna be cre^H^H^Hsedated’ running through my head.