I’m off to County Tipperary, Ireland, tonight. Woo! I have to go straight to work from the airport on Monday morning. God only knows how I’ll stay awake while writing a functional spec. Hopefully the thought of picking up my passport and Russian visa on Monday night will keep me going.
I saw Shunt’s Tropicana during the week. I enjoyed it, though there were times when I was bored and waiting for something to happen. Like Firebird, different parts of the audience would have experienced a slightly different show, but I’m not sure the mix of promenade and traditional theatre worked that well. Perhaps it was the way the ‘spectacle’ bits of the show didn’t quite mesh with the narrative. I really liked the venue – the arches of London Bridge station. Rosie and I decided that we wanted to take one (or more) of the burlesque girls home with us. Funnily enough, when I got home and told my housemates where I’d been, one of them said that people from Shunt used to live in our flat. Small world.