I saw ‘The Lizard‘ this week, worth seeing if it’s playing near you. I also saw ‘Turtles can fly recently – almost shockingly powerful.
In other news, my passport is with some dodgy tattoo-covered guy in a flat in Islington while in the process of getting a Russian visa. I can’t decide whether to do a day trip from St Petersburg to Novgorod, or stop off in Novgorod on my way to Moscow, but I think Novgorod is a three hour trip from St Petersburg, so it makes more sense to go there on the way to Moscow. If I catch the train from Novgorod to Moscow, it means arriving in Moscow at 5am, which is a little daunting.
The Russian train site at http://www.rzd.ru/ has a brilliant sound file on loading, with bonus train sound-effects. I’m not so sure about the Babelfish translation of the page, which doesn’t seem to have translated much except the mysterious phrase ‘of 3 milkings’.