“Spain’s lower house of parliament has approved the right of homosexual couples to marry and adopt children.
The government-backed bill now passes to the Senate, where it is expected to get final approval in the coming weeks.” (BBC)
and Boooooooooooo:
“Pope Benedict XVI has responded firmly to the first challenge of his papacy by condemning a Spanish government bill allowing marriage between homosexuals.”

I went to a conference yesterday, and someone mentioned a website full of archived net.art. I used to be really into net.art, so it was a big nostalgia trip for me. Well worth checking some of classic sites like jodi.org and superbad out, whether you saw them the first time around or not.

Historic occasion yesterday.
I went to the gym for the first time in months, and Neighbours was on! Oh, and the new Pope was announced.
Archbishop Tutu put it well: “We would have hoped for someone more open to the more recent developments in the world, the whole question of the ministry of women and a more reasonable position with regards to condoms and HIV/Aids”. (BBC)
Not to mention someone who wasn’t homophobic.
Still, the new guy is old so hopefully he’ll die soon.

I finished Shirley Hazzard’s Transit of Venus last night – absolutely loved it, and will read it again soon – and did a quick google to see what others thought.
Apart from reading an Amazon reviewer that made me want to read more of their reviews for the first time, I loved the review from the woman who sniffs, “it’s no Jane Austin”. Jane Austin? No, I guess it’s not.

“A man has been sentenced to nine years in jail by a Virginia judge for sending millions of junk emails, or “spamming”.” (BBC)

“Stone-age figurines depicting what could be the oldest pornographic scene in the world have been unearthed in Germany.
Archaeologists have discovered what they believe to be the 7,200-year-old remnants of a man having intercourse with a woman.” (Guardian)
The best bit? They’ve given the figurine of a man the name “Adonis von Zschernitz”.