Historic occasion yesterday.
I went to the gym for the first time in months, and Neighbours was on! Oh, and the new Pope was announced.
Archbishop Tutu put it well: “We would have hoped for someone more open to the more recent developments in the world, the whole question of the ministry of women and a more reasonable position with regards to condoms and HIV/Aids”. (BBC)
Not to mention someone who wasn’t homophobic.
Still, the new guy is old so hopefully he’ll die soon.

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  1. mez says:

    “the new guy is old so hopefully he’ll die soon”?? mia….you are a classic. yes..they should bring in a gay pope and lighten things up a little..the vatican can be so somber.

  2. j dodd esq says:

    never mind former hitler youth member. you’ll note jonathan sachs was fairly tight lipped about the appointment too. we should use swiss rolls to bribe the swiss guard to let us into the vatican and assassinate him.

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