We’ve been in Nha Trang for two nights, after a long day on the train from Hoi An. We’re just about to go by motorbike to visit some Cham towers at sunset, then we’ll have time for a stroll along the beach and some dinner before we board the Reunification Express for Saigon.
I’m kinda dreading Saigon, it’s going to be hot and crowded and noisy, but we’re only there for a few days before we fly to Siem Reap. I think it’ll be strange meeting Dad there but meeting Mum in Hanoi was almost surreally normal so maybe it won’t be strange.
We went on another boat trip yesterday, some lovely snorkling and another on-board feast. I had a dress and some trousers made in Hoi An, but couldn’t really be bothered with the shopping/tailoring.
Vietnam celebrates 30 years of re-unification this year, and there are fabulous posters everywhere in the lead-up to the anniversary of the fall/liberation of Saigon in September.