Interesting point of view on the kerfuffle over extended licences in the UK:
“The reputation [Australians] enjoy remains pretty much the same as when Barrington Bradman Bing Mackenzie landed at Heathrow in the 1970s and had his ice-cold tubes flogged from his Qantas bag by a Pommy bastard in customs.”

“It’s the exact opposite of Australia where, apart from Good Friday and Christmas, and unless that pinot noir enthusiast Bob Carr gets his way, we live with the unspoken reassurance that, somewhere, alcohol can be readily had. Here there’s a sense of genuine panic that you’re going to miss out.” n.c.a

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  1. If there’s a god why does he let the UK and US governments systematically exterminate all of the animals in the woodlands where I live and replace them with nasty artificial machines loaded to the brim with surveillance devices – please find out more here –

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