I was very taken with this interview about weasel words. It’s particularly good on corporate- and political-speak.
“I think Mr Howard quite cleverly redefined the notion of trust as simply trust us to run the economy properly.”
“Eric Alterman said about the US election recently that Americans now live in a post-truth environment”
I’ve decided rambling about personal stuff is just boring. Here’s a sample: stayed in Monday, went to a party, went to a party, had friends over for dinner, went to a party, went to a friend’s club, went to a party, went to a wedding reception, went to a party, went to a leaving do, went to see friends’ band.

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  1. Dreeny says:

    No Mia, personal stuff is not to tell us you went to loads parties because we already know that. What we don’t know is who you kissed and slept with. What level of intimacy you reached in each of these encounters… You can use initials of course…:-P

  2. mez says:

    oh mia…you are just a geek through and through. soon you’ll be blogging in binary because words will become to predictable as well.
    i agree with dreeny..we want to hear angst, tears, fights, crushes, how you fell over and picked yourself back up again, kissed your ex, flirted with the boss etc etc.

  3. mia says:

    If you’d ever told me the address of your blog I might have considered it, Mez 😛
    Anyway, gossip is what email or messenger is for.

  4. Dreeny says:

    Yes mez the moment of truth has come….Where is your damn blog???
    We should hire a secret agent to scan the web and find it Mia!!!:-P

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