Hearing other people’s spam stories is the new hearing about other people’s dreams but I’m getting up to 100 comment spam attempts daily so it’s a bit topical.
Some spam is so beautifully random. I’m sure the one phrase designed to attract search engines will play havoc with my referrers, but it’s too cool not to post:
“Little “pics of black girls in thongs” story about Britney Spears and George Lucas
“Damn it! Stop biting my ass!”, George Lucas hissed, as Britney Spears ran her glutinous third leg into her grey and lifeless pie-eater.
“Do you behave like this to every passenger?”, George Lucas vomited, as Britney Spears sucked his lust swolen Clinton.
“fucking shit!”, George Lucas climaxed, as Britney Spears banged on his encephalitic bowl of fukk.
George Lucas diddled her ecliptical magic hat.”
I also liked the email headed: “healthier, happier, harder carp”.

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  1. Dreeny says:

    That’s weird that you receive so many comment spam. I never receive any. I guess your are too popular!;-)

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