Maybe he’s not all bad. It’s such a trivial thing at a time like this but I’d love to see a properly Australian flag. (Though I guess the one we’ve got now is very indicative of the current PM’s obsession)
“Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson today accused Opposition Leader Mark Latham of wanting to change the Australian flag.
“(Mr Latham) actually had a proposal, which I have never seen him repudiate, that the Eureka flag would make a good replacement,” he said.” (n.c.a.)

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  1. M.H. says:

    I always liked that one, blue & white right? something like our fleurs des lis. A friend gave me a patch of it once,…i stuck it on my pack. It’s sad, and true Aus. seems to be going the way of the 51st state,…well, perhaps Oz. needs to turn to the brits once again,……except, look at who they’ve turned to!!! Damn!!!

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