Howard rejects ‘serial liar’ tag
“It follows the weekend release by Labor of a document titled Truth Overboard in which it outlined 27 cases when Mr Howard allegedly lied or misled the Australian public.”
“He said Mr Howard had come up with a new term – core and non-core guarantees – to account for the government’s failure to honour its promises.” (Age)
“The Federal Government was warned repeatedly by intelligence analysts before the Iraq war that the conflict would harm the war on terrorism by fanning Islamic extremism and spurring terrorist recruiting.
An investigation by the Herald, which has included interviews with several serving and retired intelligence figures, has uncovered that John Howard and his senior colleagues were briefed on the dangers, verbally and in written reports.
Yet the Prime Minister told Australians on the eve of the conflict that the war would lessen the terrorist threat, contradicting his intelligence advice.

The sources also said the Government was told there was no operational link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, and the Iraq war could not be seen as part of the broader global war on terrorism.” (Age)
I think I’m going to stop reading the Age and SMH because I can’t expect everyone to register to read their articles.