Go Bob!
“In a lengthy speech delivered at Sydney University, Mr Hawke claimed Australia’s reputation had suffered as a result of the Government’s willingness to blindly follow US foreign policy.
It was a far cry from the days when Australia had taken a more uncomprising view of international relations, Mr Hawke said.
“It is sensible to have a relationship with the United States, but where we did not agree with the United States, we said, ‘Get stuffed’,” he said.
“Are we going to get back to that position, or are we, if we re-elect Howard, simply going to be in effect signing up to being the 52nd state of the US.” (news.com.au)

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  1. mez says:

    there are so many people that needed to be told to “get stuffed” from me this week..thats it…its my new mantra. might even make a t-shirt. “mez says get stuffed”.

  2. ernestito says:

    oh mez I want one (the T shirt not the stuffing).

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