“Security flaws in Microsoft’s web browser are prompting internet users to try alternatives, research suggests.
The number of people using Internet Explorer (IE) has dropped by one percent in the past four weeks, according to US analysts WebSideStory.” (BBC)

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  1. Dreeny says:

    Which browser is the best alternative to IE btw?
    Is it Mozilla?
    A while ago, I had troubles with IE and decided to install Netscape but then uninstalled it because the Netscape installation is full of adwares that they install without my authorization such as AOL & company so I sticked to IE.
    Any suggestions for a good browser so I don’t spend my time installing dodgy ones?
    Thanks xx

  2. mıa says:

    It’s not adware, but it is annoying! Mozilla is much better than Netscape – free, doesn’t have the AOL stuff (AOL bought Netscape).
    Opera is free, has lots of the same nice features as Mozilla (cookie management, tabbed browsing, pop-up stopper), but has a small ad panel.

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