“Australia is a less polite country today than it was in the past and more civility will make the nation better, Prime Minister John Howard says.” (Age) More civility, less civil rights. Nice priorities, John.

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  1. M.H. says:

    Australians LESS POLITE? Oh, the horror!….do you mean to tell me that all this time they were on their best behavior?!!

  2. Dreeny says:

    Yes I’m afraid I have to agree with John Howard on this point. Mia used to be way more polite in the past. I guess my absence has played a huge role in that.

  3. mez says:

    australians = nice is such an urban myth!
    even the kangaroos are starting to murder in the streets.

  4. ernestito says:

    The English taught me to drink, but it was the Australians who taught me to burp and fart.

  5. mez says:

    I’ve learnt some great cultural etiquette in HK too actually: I barge in and out of transport, lifts, shops etc. nowadays…and make a bit racket when eating dim sum and make sure leave little piles of food on the table cloth as a way to say thanks to the waiting staff.

  6. mia says:

    E, if you’ve only learnt to burp and fart recently, those first burps and farts must have been huge!

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