Tragically, I’m blogging live from the Accredited area of Sonar. Lots of articles you’ll read in months to come were probably written or started here, and here I am with my triva.
Sonar by Night rocked. Highlights (or merely bits I saw) were SKETCH SHOW + RYUICHI SAKAMOTO=Human Audio Sponge (v good), GURU OF GANG
STARR (not my thing), RICHIE HAWTIN VS. RICARDO VILLALOBOS (good, but not my thing at that particular time of the night), DJ MARLBORO and INSTITUTO rocked. DJ PATIFE with guest vocals CLEVELAND WATKISS was good but a bit too much MCing and not enough dirty dirty bass.MATTHEW HERBERT and 2 MANY DJ’S were also good. Caps cos I’m lazy and copying and pasting from the programme.
Carl Cox can’t make it tonight (boo!)but Miss Kittin is on instead (yay!).
Travellers had set up a sound system outside the venue afterwards, lots of dogs on strings and psytrancy sounds and cute dykey looking girls that smell bad up close.
Slightly traumatic trip home, but it’s all good. I should know by now that it’s all very well being able to ask where the station is in Spanish but it’s not much use if you can’t understand the answer.

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  1. mia says:

    Comments are back! The rest of Sonar rocked too, and the soundsystems got better and I had even more fun.

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