“The Menzies Centre for Australian Studies – based at London’s King’s College – is now offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Australian film and art as well as history, politics, and literature.” (BBC)
“He said students who had visited Australia were able to look beyond the stereotypes and see the similarities with the UK as it headed towards multiculturalism.” What a shame the writer of that article wasn’t able to look beyond the stereotypes. Heading towards multiculturalism? I’d have said Australia was more multicultural than Britain, but maybe I’m biased.
Some Australian vernacular for them: pull your head in. As said by Senator Bob Brown this week: “”President Bush should pull his head in. This is Australia. It’s not Florida or Alaska or Texas”.”
Perhaps he could tell Daryl Williams to do the same. He had a fit at the long-running children’s tv show Playschool which dared to show a kid with lesbian mums.
“”My mums are taking me and my friend Meryn to an amusement park,” the girl told viewers of Play School, over images of her two mothers standing together and smiling.”
“One person not smiling was Communications Minister Daryl Williams, who said it was inappropriate for a pre-school show to feature a lesbian couple.” (BBC)