“The sacred Tote Hotel has hosted some of the hottest rock bands on the planet over the past 21 years, which will be crystallised in a two-week rock marathon to celebrate its anniversary from June 21. Tote managers are also making a public plea for memorabilia, because their memories are a bit fuzzy.” (Age)
Awwww. Not only does the Tote put on great bands, they let dogs in the beer garden during the day, and they used to have ‘Rock against Work’ barbeques. Along with the Punter’s Club, the Empress and the Corner Hotel, the Tote was one of the pubs I’ve been seeing bands at since I was in high school (ooh, rebel). I’ve just worked out that’s probably thirteen or fourteen years ago, which makes me officially old.
And this is cute in a ‘grrr, angry’ way.