“The Australian understands the cabinet signed off yesterday on the changes, which will define marriage as an exclusively heterosexual relationship between a man and a woman and will outlaw recognition of foreign gay unions.”
What a horrible day. I can’t believe a country at war took time out to ban some people from a relationship others get by default.
“One government source said last night that critics would find it harder to attack the changes as homophobic because the bans on adoption and marriage were counter-balanced by the superannuation reforms.” (news.com.au) They’re being bloody naive if they think that’s that case. Superannuation, taxation, property and custody rights should be the same for cohabiting gay or straight couples, not a special favour granted begrudgingly.
“Democrats senator Brian Greig, who is openly gay, has accused Mr Howard of “aping the reactionary politics of (US) President Bush” ? who moved earlier this year to ban gay marriage in his nation.” Well, der. I would bet a large sum of money that Bush has put pressure on Howard to rush this through.
“Despite being lobbied by gay rights groups such as Rainbow Labor, the Opposition has indicated it will support the Government’s controversial legislative amendments.
Labor plans to remove discrimination against gay couples through changes to other legislation.” (news.com.au) Gee, thanks Labor. You wouldn’t need to change legislation if gay and straight relationships had the same status. I’ve voted Labor all my life but I won’t be voting Labor in the next election.