“Growing consumer demand for shrimp is fuelling an environmental crisis in some of the world’s poorest nations, according to a new report.”

It claims “shrimp farming is destroying wetlands, polluting the land and oceans and depleting wild fish stocks.
Millions of people depend on the fish stocks for their food and livelihoods.”

“Global mangrove deforestation rates now exceed those of tropical rainforests.
The damage is being caused by pollution and by clearing of the vegetation to make way for new farms.
Chemical pollutants used in the process include antibiotics, fertilisers, disinfectants and pesticides, which could be harming human health as well as the environment, the report’s authors say.” (BBC)
Ok, it’s crap, but you can help by signing the petition and by contacting supermarkets and sandwich shops that use shrimps/prawns and asking if they ask their suppliers about possible pollution, bycatch, seabed destruction caused by trawling or farming and letting them know you won’t be buying their seafood products if they’re not using sustainable methods and ethical suppliers. Yes, I am a hippie, if not a proper vegie.