After the longest, brokest month in recent years, I’ve finally been paid but after setting aside money for rent, bills and something towards paying off my credit card, I’m almost back to where I was yesterday. More cheap student meals for me, I guess.
It’s so depressing but I guess it’s not surprising: “An independent survey published today by the Museums Association reveals that museum and gallery staff earn significantly less than all equivalent professions – such as librarians, university lecturers, journalists – and many earn less in real terms than they did 15 years ago.” (Guardian)

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  1. ernestito says:

    Good recommendations/tips on cheap vegetarian student meals? I will need them soon!

  2. mez says:

    yeah…i’ve managed to stay alive lately by buying a tomato, a cucumber, a piece of tofu and something special like nuts or tuna (if I can afford the extra few cents) from the markets here. I avoid the boxes of dry fish head and fish livers though.

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