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  1. ernestito says:

    Were you on your way home from a night out by any chance? Hence the funny vision?!

  2. Mia says:

    Sadly, I’m too poor to go out all night. Or even out at all.

  3. Dreeny says:

    Why didn’t you take a pic with your phone?
    I love Van Gogh btw.
    Was he going to Brixton?;-)

  4. mia says:

    I think he would have punched me! He was very late-portraits looking, very wiry and sceptical.
    xx for Vincent in Brixton!

  5. mez says:

    funny you should mention this…I saw him too waiting for a bus on santa monica beach. he told me his ancestry was irish and he used to be a cowboy till a bull ripped his head open and his brains were hanging out. he was nice…said he liked my accent.

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