Confidence inspiring emails, number 563 in a series:
“Firstly I apologise if this is not your skill set or you are not looking for
work but [big IT recruitment company] have invested in our IS department allowing us to contact candidates like yourself about vacancies. This means that you have been selected because PHP is mentioned somewhere in your CV and I hope this is one of your key skills.”
*Somewhere* in my CV? You *hope*? At least read it, or does it take too long because you have to spell every word aloud?
“invested in our IS department” is just a very big phrase for ‘learnt to use search’, isn’t it, monkey boy?

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  1. ernestito says:

    I used to be a headhunter and I stayed away from working for “recruitment companies”. To them it’s just bums on seats…people are like commodities…

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