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  1. ernestito says:

    Maybe it’s time to donate for your body for scientific research…

  2. mezo says:

    Hope you are not bored with me and my new love of cross-stich when you come to visit….

  3. Dreen says:

    I think we better give her body to the lesbians. I’m sure they’ll make good use of what’s left. Not much I reckon…:-/

  4. ernestito says:

    Goodness how come my last post has two “for’s”?! Anyway, that oughta teach me about writing anything before 9am.
    Re giving her body to the lesbians – I think it’s already a given (sorry crap pun).

  5. mezbez says:

    ha! I love the thought of picking on mia while she is asleep and dreaming of giving (what’s left of) her body to “the lesbians”.

  6. ernbiscuit says:

    mmmm, mezzoball, I shall let you dream about her “body”. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing what she had and what’s left of it…
    The thought of feeding anything to “the lesbians” cracks me up..

  7. james says:

    the lesbians are timid and scare easily. but they will be back soon, and in greater numbers.
    ha! communication! i succeed. mia, i feel for you.

  8. mia says:

    I’m very tempted to edit your comments so you’re all saying ‘Gosh I love Cliff Richard, he’s a great hunk of man meat’ or ‘Walloons make woeful lovers’…

  9. ernestito says:

    Actually why not? After a quick nap my hair now looks like good ol Cliff’s. Maybe you all should feed me to the lesbians.

  10. Dreen says:

    Ernestito, I’ve HAD to see some parts of her body that she was generously showing to my walloon mum once!!! It reminds me the famous chatup line… Nice tits, wanna fuck? 😛 (Is Mia sleeping yet?)

  11. ernestito says:

    Apparently I am the only one who hasn’t had the pleasure. Even your walloon mum has had an eyeful.
    LezMez can second…

  12. mia says:

    You shouldn’t take your mum to the sauna if you don’t want her to see breasts.
    Your straight-girl girlfriend whose eyes were almost popping out of her head was much more amusing.

  13. mia says:

    Her daughter was flashing me too…

  14. mez says:

    all sounds like a typical japanese family type outing to me at the local soapland: http://www.hotcom.aust.com/guide/tokyobath.htm

  15. ernestito says:

    You people should be studied…or locked up.

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