Belated remembrance of Australia Day: Factsheets on racism and Australia’s history.
” Independent MP and SA parliamentary speaker Peter Lewis said Australia’s national day should be May 9, to commemorate the meeting of the nation’s first parliament in 1901.
“It gives me no pleasure or delight to celebrate the settlement of a penal colony called New South Wales, which resulted in untold misery and acrimony because of the fashion in which it was done,” Mr Lewis said in a statement.”

“However, the courage of early European settlers in bringing “civilising notions” to Australia should be applauded, he said.
“(They) enabled the emergence of one single, free, self-governing, literate and numerate democratic nation to emerge as a result, with one citizenship, one language and equal opportunity for all as basic tenets of society,” Mr Lewis said. ”
And finally, “Fewer than one in three Australians want the Queen to be the nation’s head of state.”